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Chicago Home Fitness website is launched!

The new Chicago Home Fitness website is now Live, and it looks great. I did the design for this, not the development - but the developer did an excellent job of maintaining the integrity of the design throughout the entire site, and also did some very cool stuff on their locations page with the Google Maps API. Check it out if you get a moment... and while you're there, make good on that new year's resolution and pick up some severely discounted home fitness equipment with their New Year's sale.

Learning about Google's revised Analytics plans.

You may have noticed that Google's new code is now placed in the HEAD of the site instead of the old 'just above the /body' tag implementation. Beware that if your site is a slow-loader, it may not do so well with this new code. By housing it in the head of the document, Google can determine your page load time and for those dragging their feet (I'm looking at you, .Net) it's going to be a black eye on your site's ranking.

What is the solution then, sticking with the old code release?

No, it's not. Google's algortihm has made several changes over the last few weeks, and you can bet that they are taking this into more consideration with every update. So the solution is to cut down on your load time, which can be achieved in various ways such as accellerators or page caching at the server level. It can also be achieved through the more extensive use of XML, which also plays nicely with Google's algorithms.

Contact me today to find out more about how your site can be optimized outside of the standard META tag focus you've come to know so well.

Finally launched the new site... would love to hear what you think!

So the new site is officially launched. There is also the new intro movie posted, which is a tribute to the movie Psycho. I debated for a long time on how closely I would follow the original opening credits from the movie, so for those of you that said "Those are similar, but not quite on" — Yes, you are right, but in the end my decision was based on presumed attention span. It's fine to take your time with the lines when your audience has invested in watching a movie for an hour and a half, but not so much in this case.

Well, that brings me to the part of hearing what you think. If you're willing to share your thoughts, please use my contact form and drop me a few lines. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!