The Crypto-currency bubble is over

The crypto-currency market is now valued at $1.9 billion, according to a report from Bloomberg.

This figure is based on the valuation of a token that was launched on April 14, 2017, which was a milestone in the history of crypto-currencies.

Crypto-curves have surged in value since the token launched.

But this new valuation, which is higher than the $1 billion valuation of the token, is also due to a large number of investors who invested in the token in hopes of receiving a significant profit on their investments.

The crypto market has been the focus of a great deal of attention recently as it has been on the front page of news stories, including this one from Bloomberg: The token was designed by a group of tech companies including Tencent, which later acquired the company and is now known as Baidu.

It’s a relatively new cryptocurrency, which means there are no central banks involved in regulating its value.

Investors in the ICO are able to invest in a crypto-asset and use it as collateral for their investments, a service that has become increasingly popular.

The token, which gained a lot of attention during the ICO, is now worth $1,937,500, according the Bloomberg report.

The number of ICOs that have been launched in 2017 has surpassed the previous year, with ICOs accounting for about 1 percent of all new ICOs in 2017, according a report by Gartner.

Crypto tokens have been a hot topic in recent years as more people invest in them as they offer a secure way to store money.

But there has been some criticism from some investors about the high price of the tokens, which have become a popular way for people to speculate in the crypto economy.