‘Tiny’ industrial animation tool could make a huge difference in agriculture

It’s a tiny industrial animation studio, but it could make an enormous difference in the way farmers farm, says John O’Neill, head of industrial animation at Industrial Light and Magic.

The company behind the tool is working on an app called Industrial Animation that is being tested in Ireland and the US, and is already being used to produce commercial films.

Industrial Animation has a range of apps, from creating animations for film and TV shows to producing music videos and advertising images.

The app has already made a major splash in the entertainment industry.

In 2014, the company launched an app that produced music videos for the TV show Mad Men and used the app to promote its new video game, the Industrial Robot.

This year, the app has been used to create a range to advertise an upcoming film, such as the upcoming film The Martian, in which the team behind Industrial Animation creates the film’s robots and the film-maker uses Industrial Animation’s app to create the robots’ movements.

O’Neill said that the company had been using Industrial Animation in Ireland to create commercials for the company.

He said that one of the key advantages of Industrial Animation was that it was flexible enough to work on multiple projects, with a variety of different animations.

“If you need to make a scene for a commercial that will run on TV and you’re working on two different apps, then you can create a different set of animations to make that happen,” he said.

“There’s a whole spectrum of animation that you can do on an iPad or an iPhone and work in a single app.”

In addition to the commercial and music videos, Industrial Animation has also created a range in animation for use in other projects, including advertising, sports, and architecture.

The app has created a number of animations for films, but the team is now working on making a film for a film festival, a live show, and an interactive movie experience.

The team also plans to create an app for the entertainment and design industries, he said, with the aim of creating a product that would help them in their work.

“I think it’s very exciting because we’re starting to see an acceleration of the adoption of industrial digital technology, so we’re getting more and more of our animation from a platform that is very flexible and we’re seeing it become a big part of our workforce.”

The company’s chief technology officer is Thomas Poulin.

He is also the founder and managing director of Industrial Light & Magic, which is a subsidiary of Industrial Eye.

O ‘Neill said the company was excited about the future of industrial design and animation.

“The app and the apps we’re working with now are very good tools for the design of our products and for the animation that we can create for those products,” he added.

“This is a huge opportunity for us.

It’s the next stage in how we want to create content.”