A small company is working on a mobile app to help people with autism learn English

The company that makes a $100 software that helps people with learning disabilities learn English is taking its first steps toward becoming a reality.

The software, called Learning English on the Go, lets people learn English with the help of the Internet.

The app works with a smartphone app that lets people connect to their school, social network, or library.

It also lets them check out books, videos, and other resources that are available.

Learning English On The Go is available for Android and iOS devices.

A $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education will pay for the app.

The goal is to have it available by 2021, according to the website for the nonprofit, LanguageLink, which helps disabled people find jobs.

Linguist and autism advocate Dr. Sarah Brown, who has been studying learning disabilities for more than 20 years, has been involved with the project since its conception.

“It’s really cool to be involved in something that will really help people,” Brown told ABC News.

Learning to read is not something that many people with disabilities struggle with, Brown said.

The development of learning aids and computer technology can make it easier for people with hearing and visual disabilities to communicate with others.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association says the technology is needed in order to help individuals with disabilities understand words and to communicate.

The company behind the app says it can help people who are visually impaired understand their surroundings, understand how to interact with other people and read their language.

Learn to read at https://bit.ly/2jfZp6C Learning English at http: //bit.

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ly/2juN1yT Learn English through video at http:\ /www.youtube.com/user/LinguisticLearning https://www.languages.org/languages/english/ Learn to use your computer at http:’//www.google.com/?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&hl=fr&source=languages:en_GB&ln=&source_r=&l=en_gb&s=1&d=&t=&p=&r= Learn English with an audio transcript at http’//www,youtube.

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Org, which is based in the U, is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families learn, learn and learn again through computer technology,” said Learning English with An Audio Transcript, which was founded by Daniela Fagan, a member of the International Language Council, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The group has provided training and support to organizations around the world.

Laying out the details of how the app works, Brown told CNN that the goal is for people who have disabilities to have a way to access information about the language, whether they are in a classroom or an online learning environment.

Brown said the company will help people to check out information and materials they would otherwise not be able to access.

“If you’re looking for a book, if you’re interested in reading a book and the Internet is not available, then it’s like you’re not reading, you’re just reading what people around you are telling you,” Brown said, explaining how the learning aid will be connected to a computer.

“They are going to know where to find that information, they’re going to be able and willing to do what they need to do to learn and be able communicate.”

Learning English can be challenging for people to learn, Brown added.

She said people with some disabilities struggle to read, especially when it comes to certain types of books, like poetry.

Learn more about the Learning English project at http:, Learning English Through Apps at: https://link.springer.

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