How to avoid being a software engineer

Software developers are more likely to become software engineers than other engineers because of their high pay and the importance of industry, according to a new study by the American Software and Services Association.

The association found that more than 80 percent of software developers have at least some college education, and more than half of them have at a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

It also found that nearly all of the people who hold software engineering degrees are women, with the highest concentration of women in the U.S. Software industry is a $1.5 trillion industry with more than $7 trillion in revenue, according the report.

The research also found:Software engineering is increasingly competitive because of changes in technology.

A new generation of companies are seeking to be the first to develop and deploy new software features.

The number of new companies has grown at a rate of about 50 percent annually since 2000, the association found.

Software developers have traditionally been the first hires for new software companies, but as the industry has become more mature, the number of developers is also rising, according a study by The Associated Press.

The rise of new software is also driven by the changing nature of jobs in the industry.

The average age of the software engineer in the United States is 32, compared to 35 for software developers, the study found.

The study found that software engineers work with large teams, which is different than other engineering fields.

This can lead to higher risk for serious injury and other problems.

It can also make it difficult for them to focus on specific problems or to focus their time on specific projects, according on the AP’s report.