Why I stopped buying bread in Israel

An Israeli bakery has been accused of abusing its workers in an effort to keep them from reporting back to their employers.

The Israeli Labor Party has called on the country’s agricultural sector to launch a campaign to protect the workers who make up Israel’s bread industry, accusing the country of “firing a shot across the bow” of the countrys bread industry.

The campaign comes after the government announced last week that it will stop granting workers’ certificates to work for its bakery industry, which employs roughly one-third of Israel’s workforce.

A petition to ban the certificates was launched by the National Committee for Bread Workers (NCBW) last week.

It calls for the government to cancel the certificates, saying the certificates are being issued to “companies that don’t respect worker rights.”

The petition is seeking a ban on certificates issued by the Israeli government for “non-essential” work.

The petition also calls for “measures to protect workers’ rights, including a boycott, divestment, sanctions, and the imposition of sanctions against companies that abuse their workers.”

The NCBW, which has been in the forefront of boycotting Israeli agricultural production, has accused the country for not providing enough benefits for workers.

It also alleges that the certificates issued to workers are “for hire” and “unlawful.”

The certificate process for Israeli bakery workers is not transparent, and workers have complained of mistreatment at the hands of supervisors.

The NABW petition also claims that the bakery industry is being used as a recruitment tool for the Israeli army, and it also demands that the government take measures to prevent workers from working for the army.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Horticulture said in a statement that the ministry will investigate the complaints and will determine the next steps in the investigation.

“We condemn the actions of this bakery, and will take appropriate actions in response to this complaint,” the spokesperson said.

“This is a very serious case and we will take all necessary action against it.”

The bakery industry has been criticized by labor groups for its labor practices.

In July, the Labor Ministry accused an Israeli bakery of employing a “systematic abuse of its workers.”

According to the ministry, the bakery workers were subjected to “physical and verbal abuse” and forced to work in hazardous conditions.

The bakery also allegedly failed to provide enough training to its workers, and instead sent them to “illegal” jobs.

The investigation into the bakery came to light after an Israeli worker who worked at the bakery told The Jerusalem Times that she and her colleagues were required to work during off hours, and had to take breaks to work.

According to The Times, the worker told The Times that after she complained about the conditions of her working hours to her superiors, they refused to take action.

The worker also alleged that the employees were not paid their wages for all their hours worked.

The Ministry of Labor has denied the allegations.

The petition to halt certificates is part of the government’s effort to address the “problem” of workers not being paid for all the hours they work.

Israel has been facing a crisis in the agricultural sector, with the number of workers dropping to less than one percent of the workforce.

The number of Israeli bread workers has dropped from 4.5 million in 2015 to less then 500,000 in 2017, according to the Israeli Agriculture Ministry.

The number of laborers in the agriculture industry fell by nearly a third in the same time period.

The countrys agriculture sector is one of the biggest in the world, accounting for around a quarter of the world’s total production of bread.

It is estimated that more than $200 billion of Israeli exports go to other countries.