Software industry outlook for 2018

Software industry watchers are projecting a solid year for the software and services industry in 2018.

The Software and Services Industry Association predicts that the industry will report a 4.5% increase in revenue in 2018, up from a 3.6% gain in 2017.

Software developers are expecting to see more revenue growth, up 4.6%, to $4.7 billion.

That is a 17.6 percent increase from the year before.

The industry has also been adding more jobs to its ranks, increasing its total employment to 14.2 million.

“We’re in a really good place,” said Tom Lutz, the group’s chief economist.

“We’re seeing strong growth in the software industry and we’re seeing some companies ramp up.

It’s really a good time to be a software developer.”

Software industry employment grew by 6.5 percent last year, a record.

The average developer in the U.S. is now making $75,000, a 7.2 percent increase over the previous year.

The increase in software jobs has been especially strong in California, which added more than 5,000 software jobs in 2017, compared with a loss of 1,000 in 2016.

“I think it’s a great year for software,” said Mark Sirota, chief executive officer of the California-based software and software consulting company Applesoft.

“I think people are really looking for that software engineer.”

The software industry has been a bright spot in California’s economy.

Sales in the state increased 4.9 percent last quarter, to $2.6 billion.

Software revenue is expected to continue growing, with software sales exceeding $5.5 billion for the first time.

The software industry also is seeing a pickup in the number of software engineers, up 12.9% from a year ago.

“It’s really good news for software developers and for all developers, as it gives them more time to build out their product,” said Mike Fagan, president of the software development and research firm Accenture.

“The software development workforce has been steadily growing for the past several years and we expect that to continue.”

Software developers say they are seeing a lot of demand for their products and services.

Developers said they have seen a rise in sales of their products.

A software developer at one of the world’s largest technology companies, Google, said he was working on a product that would enable robots to help people walk.

“As more and more software developers are building out their businesses, they are finding it increasingly difficult to find a good position,” said Jeffrey Yang, Google’s vice president of software and cloud services.

“It’s very easy to get a new job at a big company, but then you have to find your way into an office.”

Software jobs in the United States account for about one-third of all jobs, but account for a fifth of all workers.

The number of U.s. software jobs is projected to increase by 3.1% in 2018 to 1.8 million.

The growth in software job creation is being driven by the creation of more software development jobs.

The percentage of software developers in the workforce rose to 17.9%, up from 15.9%.

This year, software developers will make $3.7 million more than last year.