When it comes to music software, Apple has a choice of brands

Apple has chosen its new industrial hmi-based software division to take on the market in the coming year, with the company telling the Financial Times it has “one of the strongest, most capable, and most diverse” software products in the industry.

Industrial software is a category that encompasses software for industrial applications, from monitoring and data analysis to manufacturing, manufacturing services and manufacturing software for consumer electronics.

It is where Apple has found success with its iPods and MacBooks, which it says it can compete against in its own software.

Industry executives said the new industrial software division, which will be renamed the Apple Industrial Software Group, would be led by Ralf Heuer, who previously served as the CEO of the Swiss company, Apple Technologies, which also makes Apple Music and other products for Apple and the Apple Watch.

Industrials like Apple Music, which offers a wide range of music and entertainment apps, would also be included in the new group, which has a focus on commercial applications.

It comes after the US Federal Trade Commission in February sued Apple over alleged patent violations.

The complaint said the firm was using the name Apple Industrial, which was “likely intended to mislead consumers about the nature of the products that the company is selling”.

Apple’s move comes after a year in which the company has been embroiled in a battle with Microsoft over its licensing deals with major music labels.

In September, the company lost a case with the Recording Industry Association of America, and has since gone on to lose a lawsuit with Sony over its distribution deals with record labels.

Apple has since backed away from some of its original licensing deals and, in April, it pulled out of the Spotify streaming service.

It has also been hit with several legal actions over its iPhone 5C and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and lost its battle against Samsung in its ongoing dispute with the US government.