Argentina software outsourcing company says it is ‘furious’ at US sanctions

Argentina’s software outsourcing giant, Aptel, says it will close a subsidiary in Washington state and move operations to another US state unless Washington complies with new US sanctions against its firms.

The move comes a day after US President Donald Trump said his administration was considering new sanctions against the company.

Aptal has a workforce of 1,500 people in Argentina and is based in San Francisco.

Argentina has been a key US ally in its fight against drug trafficking and the cartels, and President Mauricio Macri has accused Aptell of being complicit in illegal activities.

A key target of Trump’s anti-drug crackdown, Afton-based Aptillio Software Technologies has also been the target of a US probe into alleged corruption.

Aftillio says it has been the victim of a wave of fraud in Argentina’s IT sector.

Argentina’s foreign ministry said it had no immediate comment.

A US government official told Reuters that it would not be commenting on pending investigations.

The US government’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said in January that the US was reviewing Aftons activities.

The sanctions include a ban on the US from engaging in the procurement, manufacture, import, transfer or re-export of technology products, including software and hardware.

The company has also faced an investigation into whether it laundered US money through its subsidiaries.

It has said it is cooperating with the investigation. Reuters