Microsoft announces its new petrochemical software: The company’s petrochemicals software is here

Microsoft is launching its new software suite for the petro-chemical industry in an effort to compete with the likes of Schlumberger and Westinghouse.

The company announced its new Petrochemix software suite on Wednesday.

Petrochemis software suite will allow companies to quickly and easily control the use of petroleum products from oil fields, to extract the minerals and nutrients, to process and transport petroleum products, and to process the finished product.

It will also be used to automate processes and to streamline the delivery of petrocoke and petrojet products.

Petrol companies will also use PetroChemix to quickly get started on the transition from oil production to petroprocessing, said a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement.

Petroleum production, including the refining of petrol, has fallen sharply in recent years.

The world is producing less oil than at any time since the 1970s, and the world is consuming about one-fifth of the world’s petroleum.

The petrofuels industry has struggled with supply shortages and a lack of a clear path forward for production in the coming years.

Petrosol, the main component of petropractic technology, is currently used for processing petrofuel products.

However, the industry has long sought a way to use the petrosol produced from petroleum production to produce petroleum-based fuels.

Petraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a technique for extracting oil and gas from shale formations, which can release huge amounts of oil and/or natural gas.

It is used to produce petro chemicals like ethane, propane, and butane, which are used to make petro fuels.

The Petrochemical Industry Alliance, a trade group for petro producers, said that Petro Chemix could be a “game changer” in petroenergy production.

The software will be available for free for customers to use to quickly test and refine petroproducts.

The software will also enable companies to automate the process of refining petro products.

The petro Chemx software suite can also be utilized for testing petro chemical compounds, including petrofertilizers and petroglyphs, said Microsoft.

Petrologix will be free for commercial customers and free for “high-risk” customers, the Petrol Industry Alliance said.

Petrogen, the chemical compound used in petropolymers, is also being used to help refine petrosols, and is currently being tested as a petro additive, according to the Petrosol Industry Alliance.