Aussie beer brands struggling to sell on Amazon and Netflix

Australian beer brands are struggling to persuade Amazon and the streaming giant Netflix to pay for their product online, with the two companies both failing to convince a majority of beer drinkers they are worth buying.

Key points:Beer brands say Amazon and YouTube have not convinced many Australians about the value of their productsIt is unclear how many Australians buy their beer onlineBut, like the rest of the beer industry, the beer makers are now seeking to get their products into mainstream retailers and other online platforms.

Beer drinkers have long been wary of online retailers and the rise of Netflix and Amazon as major players in the online beer market.

The Australian Beer and Mead Association (ABMA) says a majority share of beer consumption in Australia goes to alcohol in its home state of Victoria and Tasmania.

But it has long been seen as a niche market and not as important as the wine, spirits and tobacco sectors.

It is also unclear how well Amazon and Youtube have convinced most Australians about its value.ABMA chief executive and chief executive of the Beer Institute, Chris Hill, said most beer drinkers were still not convinced they should buy their product from retailers like Amazon.

Mr Hill said the alcohol industry needed to “focus on the value proposition” of its products.

“The real problem is that we are selling beer, so you can’t sell wine or spirits,” he said.

“What you’re trying to do is put a value proposition to it, but it’s not there.”

Amazon and YouTube can’t put a real value proposition on beer.

“Mr Hill believes the industry should focus on the other key category of beer – wine, which is seen as an alternative to alcohol, and also has a bigger potential audience.”

There are a lot of people who really want to drink beer and that’s why they’re here,” he added.

Mr Hodge said consumers were not as well-educated about beer as they were about wine and spirits.”

A lot of Australians are not aware of how much wine there is in Australia and how much beer there is,” he explained.”

And it’s a huge problem.

“You’ve got the vast majority of people out there not knowing that they can buy beer from Australian producers.”

Beer industry not ready to make the jump to streaming or social mediaIt is not yet clear whether online retailers like Netflix and YouTube will be able to convince Australians about their value.

However, some industry experts say the industry is not ready for the big jump from the current state of affairs.

“When we think about the potential for the beer sector, it’s really a little bit early to jump in there,” said Mr Hill.

“I’m a big believer that we can get through this process.”

Mr Hoyle believes it is not just the beer industries that are still in the early stages of a transition to streaming.

“It’s really about people who have never heard of beer and are interested in the industry but not as knowledgeable about it as the industry needs to be,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“We’re trying not to lose sight of the fact that the wine industry has been there for many, many years and the beer is coming along at the same time.”ABMA says it is currently negotiating with Netflix and other platforms to create “a new beer category” in the coming months.ABC News contacted the Australian Beer Institute for comment.