UK manufacturers set to make a lot more electronic gadgets this year

By Tom Phillips BBC SportA lot of UK manufacturers will be doing more electronic work this year, with many of them making new software that will help them to automate more of their processes.

The UK is now producing about two-thirds of the world’s electronic products, and that’s expected to grow by a further three-quarters over the next 10 years, according to the European Commission.

The industry has already invested heavily in software and robots to help them do more.

But some manufacturers are looking to expand their use of robots and automation, with firms like Bosch and Panasonic looking to get their products onto the road more often.

Bosch, for example, is aiming to produce up to 70,000 new electric vehicles each year by 2021.

It will also be developing automated driver assistance systems, which could help make cars safer and more convenient to use.

Panasonic, meanwhile, is developing an autonomous driving system for the UK and is also building automated vehicle sensors.

And it’s investing heavily in robotics and automation.

The company, for instance, is building a robot capable of driving autonomously on roads without human intervention.

The new cars will be more powerful than their current counterparts, but they’ll also be more intelligent and capable of navigating roads in congested areas, it said.

This could mean a future of greater use for robots in manufacturing and logistics, with the cars capable of finding their way around and completing tasks in more precise and controlled ways.

Robotics will become more common on the roads as the industry grows, said Mark Skelton, head of corporate strategy at Bosch.

“It’s an opportunity for us to go out there and make robots in a much more efficient way,” he said.

Robots are not the only new technology being used to automate things, of course.

There’s also the internet of things, which is increasingly being used for everything from door locks to security cameras.

It also means that more people are getting connected to the internet and using smart phones and tablets to make things happen, said John Taylor, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

“The internet of everything, as we use it, is really exciting,” he added.

“This is really about the ability to get into the data that people are accessing, to build more and more things around that.”

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